Besame Lipsticks: Are they truly worth it?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Although the instructions for first putting it on seem a bit tedious, it’s well worth it. The color hardly faded and lasted through drinking coke out of cans and sipping water through straws without leaving much residue. If wearing to work or school, you will probably need to reapplying after eating lunch.

While the lipsticks themselves were designed after lipsticks used in the thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties, they can pull together any look. The lipstick’s tip, while different from many others, makes lip liners obsolete and allows for smooth and even application.

The lipstick bullet’s smell does have a hint of vanilla, but its not too sweet or overbearing. They do feel a bit drying and sticky when reapplied, however this isn’t a deal breaker. Adding a bit of coconut oil or moisturizing lip balm keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day, without compromising the lipstick’s color.

The price at $22.00, or $24.00 for the ones created in collaboration with Disney. It does feel pricey, but when you compare it to Mac or Urban Decay, it doesn’t feel too far-fetched. Besame is constantly changing out their lipstick collection and some of them are limited release.

Besame Cosmetic’s lipsticks can accentuate any vanity. The red vines and flowers that wrap around truly complement the metallic, gold tube. Downside is it should only ever stay on one’s vanity and in the box it came in. It quickly fades and chips when carried around in a makeup bag or purse. The price is a bit extravagant, and one would expect higher quality, especially since their main selling point is how unique their packaging is.

Other than that, Besame Cosmetics is a great company. Their online store makes it easy to shop. They display the lipsticks on models with different lip sizes and skin colors. Constant collaborations with Disney keep on surpassing expectations with their creativity and respect for the art and hard work put into Disney's movies like Snow White and Peter Pan.

The founder, Gabriela Hernandez, is a cosmetic historian who is also an art director, photographer and published author. She shows her passion and love for history and beauty through her makeup line. When you buy make up from Besame, you are buying a piece of history.

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